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Can water treatment help a horses health ?

Water is an essential element of life found in every cell of everybody, even our horses spa. So, it’s no surprise that water offers healing properties beyond an easy sip from the trough. For generations, owners, trainers and managers have used water to heal, maintain, cleanse and comfort our horses.

icing, soaking and cold hosing

If you’ve had horses for any amount of the time, you’ve probably run a cold hose on a leg or applied ice (cryo-therapy) to an injured leg or post workout. The cold helps reduce swelling in soft tissue, decreases heat, relieves pain and promotes healing. This therapy is often pre-scribed for bowed tendons, suspensory ligament injuries and lacerations. From the standpoint of simplicity and availability, soaking with a hose is a good choice. Every barn has a hose and a water hydrant. If you’ve planned ahead, you almost certainly have some ice packs within the freezer and standing wraps in your tack trunk. However, hosing is time consuming, with most lower-limb injuries requiring 15 to 20 minutes of cold hosing a minimum of twice each day. And

Whirlpool boots

These boots look like fishing waders for horses. Put your horse’s leg in one (or more) and fill with water alone, or a mixture of water and ice. The compressor aerates the water, creating a Jacuzzi-like action round the leg. Whirlpool boots help reduce heat and inflammation and are soothing to the horse, says Megan Van Coutren, manager of Circle Oak Ranch, a rehab and retirement center in Petaluma, California. “It’s especially good for treating laminitis,” she adds. The popular Jack’s Whirlpool Boots cost around $450 and are avail-able through equine veterinary supplies catalogues.

So, ice packs don’t always stay or make contact with the injured area. what percentage times have you ever seen an ice pack fly across a stall? Plus, a horse’s body heat can warm an ice pack in minutes, making treatment nearly useless. Fortunately, creative individuals and corporations have come up with ways to save you time and effort when treating or preventing injury.

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