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Expert advice on horse saddles

To be at the top of your performance when riding, it is important to use a suitable riding saddle. Given the many models currently available on the market, the choice can be difficult. Follow these tips to help you identify the right model for your needs. You will not have trouble finding the ideal riding saddle on equitack.com. It must be as well suited to your morphology as of your horse morphology.

A riding saddle adapted to the needs of the rider

For optimal comfort, you must buy a riding saddle at the right size. You also have the choice between real leather saddles riding or synthetic. These last are not suitable for frequent use, especially if you plan to spend long hours on horseback. The choice of a riding saddle will also depend on the equestrian discipline that you will practice. The dressage saddles will not be suitable for easily crossing obstacles. There are saddles models intended especially for this discipline. As a rider, you can also choose to buy a new or used riding saddle. Everything will depend on your budget.

A saddle conforming to the horse morphology

Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional to know exactly which riding saddle is the most adapted for your horse. It must not interfere with his movements. A good riding saddle will help to avoid back problems to your horse. In addition, it must leave it a great freedom of movement so that your horse can freely move. By and large, the riding saddle must be perfectly suited to your horse. In any case, rely on the opinions of professionals working in the world of saddlery to identify the type of riding saddle that will suit both you and your horse. It is also advisable to test it before finalizing the purchase. If you choose a used saddle, which is also much more affordable, avoid paying the seller without having first tested the saddle riding on the back of your horse. This will prevent you from unpleasant surprises.

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