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The benefits of purchasing a used saddle

Riders use saddles as assistance on the back of an animal fastened by a broad strap that passes under the barrel of the horse just behind the horse's front legs holding the saddle called a girth. Choosing a comfortable saddle is of excellent significance to the rider and as such, most cyclists discover it much more enjoyable to go for some already used type, particularly when the new kinds appear more costly or complex. One must know that the equestrian saddle intended for a horse is the most prevalent form.

Availability of the model

Saddlers are altering or updating their designs, usually annually, to carry out fresh ranges, update technology, change equipment, link to' popular' drivers to increase the branding of the model, etc. However, in some instances it has to be said that not all modifications are for the better. Perhaps the leather sector is going through a hard moment, for instance, and leather quality is compromised. Changes in fashion–there are elevated blocks in one day... and then they're out


It makes sense to have more than one saddle if you're a rider who enjoys multiple disciplines–who loves trail rides, dressage, show jumping, hunter-pace, etc. In which case, having a saddle to fulfill the purpose is by far the best choice, and by buying used saddles, it doesn't harm the wallet as much as it does, and it allows a much better ride.

Broken in

fine used saddles will have gone out of it the ' newness ' – that is, the leather will have had time to mature and will hopefully be washed and handled with leather preparing to maintain it in excellent shape. The flocking of the saddle panel will have time to settle down and ' sleep in.


Naturally, the saddle used (although only several times), is a fraction of a fresh saddle's price – they tend to maintain their value unless the saddle brand is very much requested after.

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