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The different types of saddles

Saddles are important elements for the practice of horse riding. They can be found in all shapes, sizes and types. The type of saddle is primary for riding a horse. All types of saddles are not suitable for all horse riding discipline. Here are the different types of saddles you can find on the market.

What types of saddles for your horse?

Choosing a saddle for riding depends on your mount. Indeed, the morphology of the horse is an element to be taken into account when you are preparing to choose a saddle. This one must be adapted to its morphology and especially to be at the right size. In addition, to be suitable for your horse, the riding saddle must also be adapted to your morphology and your size. Finally, the most important, the type of your future saddle must match the equestrian discipline to which you wish to engage. The following types of saddles can be found:

  • Multipurpose saddles: which can be used to practice several disciplines
  • Obstacle saddles: for the practice of jumping
  • Dressage saddles: for equines trainning
  • Endurance saddles: for the practice of endurance.

Where to find a good type of saddle for his horse?

As mentioned above, the good saddle is the one that corresponds not only to the morphology of the equine and the rider, but also to the type of equestrian discipline that one wishes to practice. You can find used saddles for sale which are suitable for your needs. Indeed, the used saddles have the advantage of being less expensive and therefore easy to access. Nowadays, it can be found on the internet, on online shops, or from specialized merchants or equestrian centers. Notice that each type of saddles has characteristics that are specific to the discipline in which it is used. Moreover, the comfort of the horse and yours are parameters that must always be taken into account during your purchase.

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