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What type of saddle do you need?

The choice of a saddle is an essential step for the practice of riding. Indeed, from this choice will result in the good practice of your favorite sport. A good saddle must be both adapted to the morphology of your horse as well as yours.

Saddle types for riding

Several types of saddles are available on the market. They are distinguished from one to another by their material, their size or the type of sport in which they will be used. Indeed, each type of equestrian sport corresponds to a specific type of saddle. This includes saddles for training, saddles for endurance, hiking, running, etc. Nevertheless, there are mixed saddles which can be used for the practice of several equestrian disciplines.

Furthermore, riding saddles can be made of leather or synthetic material. Most high-end saddles are often leather, with custom finishes. As for synthetic saddles, they have the advantage of being less expensive than leather ones. However, used stools are a good alternative. You can buy branded saddles, like antares saddles, at advantageous prices.

How to choose your saddle for riding?

The best way to determine that a saddle is suitable for your horse is to try it directly on the back of the animal. Indeed, to place the bare saddle on the back of the horse makes it possible to know if it is perfectly adapted to the equine. A good size saddle should keep the withers free and keep the dorsal ridge completely free. For the withers, a rule stipulates that 2 or 3 fingers must be able to pass between the saddle and the withers.

To ensure that everything will be fine, it is recommended to try the saddle a few days before buying it. Most sellers include this option under purchase conditions. It allows you to detect “invisible” problems such as injuries due to horse movements. A saddle may indeed look a good size but when practicing sports, it can cause discomfort or injury to the horse.

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